Climate change, increasing global inequality, a rise in nationalism, an ever growing number of refugees and conflicts between and within societies are just a few of the major challenges we are facing today. In light of this, the need to educate young people for peace and a sustainable future is greater than ever - and so is the need for our community to pursue the UWC mission.

To be able to have a positive impact in response to these challenges, the UWC movement must continue to evolve and search for answers to pressing questions: 

  • Do we equip our students with the skills they need to be the change makers of tomorrow? 
  • How much do we want to grow? 
  • Are we providing enough innovative change maker education to enough people? 
  • Are we as cutting edge as we want to be?
  • How can we live the UWC mission and have more impact?
  • In which areas do we need to be more innovative? 

In parallel, UWC is also developing its new strategic plan, and we want everyone across the movement to take part in shaping the future direction of UWC. 

This is why UWC is inviting the whole community to participate in the UWC Congress 2016, which will take place on 28th and 29th October in Trieste, Italy. The UWC Congress is the biggest UWC event, and brings together members from across UWC. Inspired by the words "Connect, Challenge, Celebrate", the UWC Congress will represent two days of celebration, challenging discussions and connecting and reconnecting with new and old friends - and of course, the UWC mission and values. 

Find out more about the UWC Congress 2016 here.


The Programme for the Congress period has now been published. To view the Congress sessions, please click here. To find other meetings that may be applicable to you, please click here.

Plan your trip

We have gathered all the information on accommodation and travel to make it easy to plan your trip, no matter your budget. For more information, please click here.


Our Congress 'App' is now live! If you click here on your mobile, your phone should ask you if you want to "save the page to your home screen". You can then easily access the schedule to get the most out of the Congress.

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